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Activate the full value of your IPs

We expand the possibilities of what you can do with your intellectual properties, by converting these IPs into valuable financial assets.

IP Valuation and Grading

IP and IPR Assetization

IP Derivatives Exchange


We convert your IPs into financial assets

And expand possibilities of what they can do, and make your work easier for you

Synthillate technology is protected under international patent and IP regulations.

Expanded Possibilities

IP Collateralization

Businesses, researchers, or entrepreneurs can use their IP, research or technology as collateral to secure additional funding to further develop their IPs, or expand utilization. Like Credit Scoring, we can do this with our IP Scoring Algorithm.

Fractional Ownership of IP Units, Contracts

One big advantage of converting IPs into financial assets is that they can be divided into fractional units, which can be owned, purchased or sold by multiple parties, sharing in the benefits, and lowering the risks.

Trading & Exchange

Not only can the IP itself be divided into fractional units, but also its associated economic rights such as royalties, distribution rights, and other economic benefits. This can also be traded and exchanged with other parties.

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Intellectual Property Bank

Synthillate manages the world's first intellectual property bank offering innovative financial services for cultural and technological IPs. It allows creators, researchers, inventors, entrepreneurs to unlock the financial potential of their creations.

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