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Everyone can now
invest in technologies

Modernizing the way we fund and expand future technologies.

Synthillate is the world’s first securitized R&D platform, where you can buy, invest or exchange Intellectual Property assets & tech investments, unlocking the next USD3 trillion market by expanding the potential of the next 41 million technologies.

IP Asset Derivatives Exchange

Buy, invest or exchange intellectual property derivatives in our exchange platform for early tech investment liquidity

Technology Generation & Discovery

Discover and streamline the generation of new technologies through our patent claims generation, research and thesis search.

Securitized R&D Platform

Monetize every step in the R&D Process of new technologies with our derivative contracts.

Technology and IP Marketplace

License intellectual properties and technologies, adapt researches, or acquire and own IPs through our first-ever tech marketplace platform.

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Let's expand the future.
Only with Synthillate.

It takes an average minimum of 5 years to get back ROI on new inventions & patented technologies, or more, or if ever at all.


One of the biggest hesitations among tech investors is the uncertainty of ROI in certain investments on promising technologies. They don't know when or how much they will earn back on their investment. On the other hand, one of the biggest problems among scientists and inventors is they cannot fully actualize technological invention due to small R&D funding & long developmental periods. This causes a vicious cycle of dwindling R&D, causing dissatisfaction to both investors & inventors.


With Synthillate, technologies can realize their full economic value & can be monetized, via the securitization of the R&D process across TRL1 to RL9 in a DLT-enabled ATS.

Unlocking the next big market


Global R&D Market (USD)


Technologies, Patents, Inventions


of Global R&D activities in Asia


of World's Researchers in the Asia-Pacific


Next technology market to be unlocked

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Synthillate is a fintech company that aims to support all kinds of research and development, technologies, and inventions - regardless of industry, background, or stage of the R&D.

We are modernizing the way futuristic technologies get funded through our IP asset derivatives.

How It Works
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